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Cowhides - all large cowhides $899

Cowhide rug Brown-White

Brown-White + Chestnut

Cowhide rug Brindle-Dark-Brown

Brindle Dark-Brown

Cowhide rug Brindle-Mahogany-Brown

Brindle Mid-Light-Brown

Tan-White cowhide rug New Zealand


Black-White cowhide rug new zealand


Beige Cowhide Rug New Zealand


Salt n Pepper Cowhide rug made by Coastal Cubes New Zealand

Salt n Pepper


Super Large Cowhides



Coastal Cowhides hides are tanned to the highest specifications, so they are soft, supple, durable and long lasting. We pride ourselves on our diverse range of cowhides so if you cannot find the cowhide you are after then please contact us 06 8565778 or email info@coastalcowhides.co.nz