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When can I expect to receive my order?

In most cases, the delivery time for a cowhide is usually less than one week.

Is my cowhide going to look just like the one on the pictures?

Yes. Each cowhide rug is photographed individually.  What you see on screen is what you will receive.

Is my calfskin going to look just like the one on the pictures?

No. The calf skins are not photographed individually.  It will be similar to what you see on screen but not exact.

How is a cowhide measured?

We measure from the longest and widest points of the cowhide.

Can I fold my cowhide?

It is preferable to roll rather than fold your cowhide if you are storing it for a long period. If your cowhide has a crease, place the hide side down and steam iron over the suede with a clean damp tea towel.

How do I clean and maintain my cowhide and calfskin?

Dust: Cowhides can be vacuumed on a low setting however, the quickest and most effective way of removing dust is vigorously shake outside.
Spills: Cowhide is a natural fibre so is liquid repellent. For any spills remove any solid matter and soak up excess with a paper towel or sponge then wipe the hair fibre with a damp (but not wet) clean cloth using a mild soapy solution. If spill leaves an odour then use a diluted white vinegar solution – 5% white vinegar and 91% water.
Oil spills: For oil based spills wipe excess with blunt utensil in direction of hair, gently apply eucalyptus oil and leave for 5 minutes then wipe clean with damp clean cloth using a mild soapy solution. We recommend to test a small patch if oil spill is over a large area.
Damp cowhide: if your cowhide gets damp from rain or you have cleaned it from a spill do not leave it damp for long period.  Get it in the sun with the underside facing the sun. Always store cow skin rugs in a dry well ventilated place, preferably rolled around a cardboard tube core with a clean cotton sheet to protect from dust and dirt while in storage.
White or light cowhides: To be extra careful we recommend white, cream, beige cowhides be sprayed with a light coating of colourless nubuck and suede water proof spray from a cobbler or shoe shop when they are new. If you ever clean the cowhide rug with soap and water, do re-spray the surface again for added protection.

Do the cowhides require backing?

The natural suede finish on the back of the cowhides provides an innate anti-slip texture.  If you the cowhide may be in a location where it may be kicked up at the edges Velcro dots around the edge can prevent slipping

Will my cowhide curl at the edges?

Coastal Cowhide hides have been tanned to a high specification so it is highly unlikely they will curl. However, if you place your cowhide in an area where there is strong sunlight, beside a fireplace sometimes even a good quality cowhide can curl due to the top surface fibres drying and contracting faster than the underneath fibres.
Or the reverse can be true for under floor heating which dries out the hide suede layer faster than the top surface.
You can attempt to roll your cowhide in the opposite direction to the curl. Steam iron the curled area on both the leather or hair side with a damp clean cloth between the iron and the cowhide. Try Velcro dots around the edges to hold the curled edges down.

Will the colour of the cowhide change?

Natural cowhide rugs are fade resistant, however, over a very long period of time in direct sun light they may possibly fade a degree

Here are a few simple tips to help with the care of your Reindeer hide:

Reindeer hide rugs are a luxury hide for ornamental purposes and should not be walked on. You can drape it over a sofa or chair but try and minimalise siting on it, but leaning on it is fine.

Reindeer are part of the Caribou family and hair follicle is hollow so they retain their temperature in sub zero conditions. Reindeer hides should not be placed in the front of a fire, left in a hot room or located where there is high heat source since extreme heat or drying of the hide will cause the fur to shed and moult.

Even domestic animals can course cause damage to hair hides, by kneading them, so try and keep then away from the reindeer.

If you respect your reindeer hide rug it should last many years. In the beginning a hide will definitely shed some of its fur and this is normal. You will need to take it outside and shake the hide every few weeks. After a month the hairs on the hide should settle down and will need to shake this outside the house more infrequently.

Please note as with almost all hair hides you will experience some hair loss from these hides.

What is your return policy?

Quality Guarantee. Our products are guaranteed against defects.  If you believe your item is defective and wish to exchange it, you must notify Coastal Cowhides within 10 days of receiving the item and we will gladly send you a replacement.  Please note that scratches, brandings and occasional patches are a natural component of the cowhides and their tanning process and are not considered defects.  Please inspect your items immediately upon delivery. Claims received after 10 days of delivery will not and cannot be processed.

Returns Policy

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we want to make your shopping experience is as pleasurable as possible.
In the event that there is an issue upon receiving an order, please contact us promptly to resolve the issue.
Phone 021 348 843 or email: info@coastalcowhides.co.nz

Web Store and Shop Exchanges

Exchanges must be authorised by Caroline (by phone or email) within 7 working days of receiving your purchase. Merchandise must be in the original condition and packaging for an exchange.
Please note that scratches, brandings and occasional patches are a natural component of the cowhides and their tanning process and are not considered defects. Please inspect your items immediately upon delivery.
Freight and associated costs of all product exchanges will be met by the customer. We strongly recommend that all return parcels are tracked or couriered for guaranteed arrival.
Return Address:
76 Russell Robertson Drive
Brookvale, Havelock North
New Zealand 4130
Attn: John 027 4499774

Web Store and Shop Refunds

We do not have to provide a refund if you have changed your mind about your purchase, so please choose carefully; however, if you have any concerns with regards to your purchase, please contact us to discuss your concerns. If goods are faulty, we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a remedy.

Claims for Loss or Damage

Coastal Cowhides guarantee the products against theft, loss and damage during transit. This guarantee ends at receipt of delivery by the purchaser or their nominated person.

Do you ship internationally?

Definitely Australia and other countries on enquiry

Do you work with the trade?

Yes. If you are a retailer or a registered design professional we would love to hear from you –

phone Caroline 06 8565778 or info@coastalcowhides.co.nz