SALE Large Cowhide - Tri-Colour White Dominant

  • $699.00
  • $799.00

2.34L x 2.08W

All Coastal Cowhide cowhides are tanned to a high specification, so they are glossy, supple, hard-wearing and will sit flat on your floor. All of our large cowhides measure over 2 meters in length. Our SALE cowhides are in this category as they have been either slow to sell or we have too many of this type of cowhide. 

Each cowhide is photographed individually, so you are assured you will receive exactly the cowhide you order. No two cowhides are the same so you can rest assure that yours will have its own unique markings and colour tones. Cowhides are durable and low maintenance making them very easy to take care of. As cowhides are a natural product they may contain some imperfections due to farming and or natural conditions such as branding and fence or tree rubbing. If your cowhide has any shipment creases then place it on a hard flat surface and these will disappear once the leather has rested.