Reindeer Hide - Dark Brown

MEASUREMENTS:  Top to Bottom: Up to 130cmL, Bottom left to right: Up to 120cmW. Please note that the Dark Brown Reindeer Hide is cut slightly differently to the pale and mid-tone hides.

Coastal Cowhides reindeer skins are from Lapland (north of Finland) where up to 200,000 reindeer graze the hinterlands. Each year the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries orders a compulsory culling to keep the wider herd healthy and disease free as their numbers are so many. Each district culls a regulated number of animals, and a “nose to tail” approach is applied as the meat is eaten and popular amongst the Finish people and the hides are a by-product and used for furnishings and decor.

USAGE: Reindeer hides are aesthetically beautiful with their unique markings and luxurious dense coat. The hair is soft, deep and comfortable to touch. Reindeer are part of the caribou deer family so the fibre is hollow so they are able retain their body temperature in sub-zero conditions. We suggest you are respectful of this skin and they should only be used for decoration such as throw over the back of a chair, sofa or a corner of a bed. THEY ARE NOT TO BE WALKED ON, not even on a bedroom floor, as the fibre will snap. Placing the reindeer in direct sunlight, in a hot room or beside a fire place will also effect the longevity of the skin. Therefore, we do not recommend exposing your reindeer to direct or other strong light.

CLEANING: With spills just spot wipe with a damp cloth and a gentle soap. And the best way to freshen up your reindeer is by a shaking it each week outside and this will lift the fibres and release the shedding hairs.